B52 Beach Resort - Thong Sala - Koh Phangan

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In the vicinity of B52 Beach Resort you will find secluded beaches, restaurants right on the beach, shops and many bars.

These are just 5 minutes from B52 Beach Resort is of the resort also provide a groovy designed restaurant. Our friendly English speaking manager is ready to Ban Kai. At night the west Phangan is just a fantastic atmosphere with stunning views of Koh Samui.

B52 Beach Resort has very well maintained bungalows with European style bathroom, the rooms are clean and offer some space to relax, there are bungalows available with private balconies, and have a great view of the sea.

Following a great day at the beach you can enjoy a nicely chilled drink and chill out at the bar of the B52 Beach Resort.

There are several fantastic places worth visiting situated near to the B52 Beach Resort and which will revela the beauty of the Island to you.


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